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A Love Letter . . .

A Love Letter (1)To My Dear Dogs,

You may not know this, but without you, my life would be greatly diminished.

Would I have ever had the courage to push through my pain without you by my side? Would my smile be as bright, my optimism be as strong?

How could I learn to be more patient, if it wasn’t for your patience with me? If you had corrected me for every time I made a mistake, would I have eagerly and happily forgiven you, as you did me?

If you didn’t refuse to do what I unreasonably asked, how would I have learned a better way? If you had hidden your true feelings, how would I have known how wrong I was?

How would I have known?

When you grew old and slow to respond, you taught me how to be loving and patient.  To cherish every moment, knowing how few we had remaining. To be. With you.

I would have missed out on so many incredibly beautiful moments if you hadn’t allowed me to be part of your aging and your dying. How sad that would be. So much sadder than the pain of losing you.

I am in awe of how blessed my life is…this life with you, my dogs. All of you: past, present, yet to be.

It is magical.

My heart, no, my entire being, swells with gratitude and with love for the blessing of my life with dogs. And for the blessings that I know will go on, every day of my life.

Kathy Kawalec and her border collie Luc share a loving momentThank you.

I promise you this: with your blessings and most importantly, with your help,  I will keep on aspiring to be the kind of person you see in me. The kind of person I see in your honest, hopeful, beautiful eyes.

And, I will keep on guiding every lover of dogs who connects with me to be the kind of person their dogs see in them.

I promise.

All my love,



What would you write to your dogs? Share in the comments below! xo

8 Responses

  1. What a beautiful tribute. It so perfectly expresses the gratitude I feel for all the dogs I’ve had in my life. Thank you for saying it so eloquently.

  2. A heartfelt tribute that reflects my own feelings and appreciation for our amazing companions. So much to be thankful for. You have captured the essence of thier spirit – thank you. ♡

  3. Dear Shiloh and Diesel,
    Thank you for your patience and your tolerance as I learn to be as com passionate and evolved as you.
    Thank you for loving my choices and helping me to understand that I am not always clear in my communication.
    Thank you for joining me in the partnership of the dance as we journey towards continued balance.
    I strive to be a better person in all my relationship because of you. Especially how I treat all the resources in our environment as to not bring or leave toxicity to muddy the system. And how to nourish all I’m involved in including yours and my life.

    I look forward to us growing in spirit together.

    I love you both from my deepest heart centered point.

    Love, light peace and joy,
    “Mom” Mystic Dee

  4. That was a beautiful tribute. I know all the dogs I’ve had and will always have; have made me a better person. They really do teach you a lot about yourself.

  5. I believe if we listen to them and open all our senses to them it in return makes us better people. It’s a connection (bond) that I will always cherish. When 4 oclock comes around every evening… I can’t wait to come home to play with my Stevee… she’s definitely the joy in my heart.
    Thank you for sharing your letter… it’s how we all feel about our loving pups!

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