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Are You the Real Cause of Your Dogs Lack of Focus?

How can you have a communication ‘Dialog Loop” with your dog that gets your dog focused on YOU, instead of being distracted, reactive or worried…automatically, with no training?

Let’s start with this question: what exactly is “communication”?

Good communication is the successful exchange of information, ideas and feelings

Let me repeat that: the EXCHANGE of information ideas and feelings … between you and your dog.

Exchange implies that we must spend as much or greater time listening to our dogs as we do talking at them.

Communication, and what I call the ‘dialog loop’ is the most powerful and effective training tool available to us…

In my decades of working with people and their dogs, I have seen that the biggest problem we face with effective communication between us and our dogs is our (mistaken) belief that it has been accomplished.

It often goes like this:

“My dog NEVER does this at home. He KNOWS how to (fill in the blank).”


“She KNOWS how to (fill in the blank). She just refuses to listen to me!”


From there, it’s really easy to blame our dog for misbehaving, or blowing us off…


When WE take on the responsibility of making sure our dogs understand what we are trying to communicate, we are headed for success.

When we don’t take on that responsibility, we are faced with our own feelings of impatience and frustration, which shuts down the flow of communication even more.

Let’s talk about how people and dogs communicate…watch the short video below:



The Crystal-Clear Communication Formula :

 Speak Clearly + Listen Carefully =
Powerful Understanding between you and your dog.


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3 Responses

  1. I am interested in learning more about the application of this process of communication. I understand what you’re saying so far but using it is still a mystery to me. For instance, I cannot understand how this could be used when my dog is not listening to me because he is distracted by every single movement around him. He is a rescue and Not used to human trust or contact. He is very worried about being hurt or disappointed by humans.Thank you.

  2. So true my dog would read my nervousness at the start line and she would break her start. I realized it was my fault she read my anxiety! When I became relaxed she could hold her start. I continue to have to work on a relaxed posture and not holding my breath and breathing.

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