5 Tips to Have a Happier Life with Your Dog

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to welcome some joy and

Kathy Kawalec 7th December 2020
How Starting a Gratitude Practice Can Enhance Your Life

You might think that starting a gratitude practice can be time-consuming or involve

Kathy Kawalec 30th November 2020
How to Build Your Connection with Your Dog

Did you know that both you and your dog are wired for connection?

Kathy Kawalec 23rd November 2020
How to Make the Partnership Lifestyle Work When Your Family Isn’t On Board

What should you do if your family isn’t on board with creating a

Kathy Kawalec 16th November 2020
What to do When Your Dog Won’t Listen

What should you do when your dog won’t listen? You tell them to

Kathy Kawalec 9th November 2020
How Dogs Help Us Get Through Difficult Times

  How dull would life be without dogs? I can’t imagine a world

Kathy Kawalec 2nd November 2020
How You and Your Dog Can Become Resilient Partners

Are you and your dog resilient? Building resilience is so important to create

Kathy Kawalec 26th October 2020
Top Tips to Help Dog Moms Reframe Their Thoughts

Don’t you hate it when other people get involved with you and your

Kathy Kawalec 19th October 2020
How to Build a Dog’s Trust in You to Keep Them Safe

  If your dog has experienced a traumatic event or has PTSD from

Kathy Kawalec 12th October 2020
What Does it Mean to be an Advocate for Your Puppy or Young Dog?

What does it mean to be an advocate for your puppy or young

Kathy Kawalec 5th October 2020
How 3 Reactive Dogs Learned to Live in Harmony

Bettina’s life was turned upside down when they decided to adopt Murphy, a

Kathy Kawalec 28th September 2020
Strategies to Turn a Reactive Dog into a Trusting Partner

Stella’s wild child Henna was a special puppy who endured serious illness, affecting

Kathy Kawalec 21st September 2020
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