How to Develop Emotional Intelligence

Dogs are socially intelligent animals. Some might say that they can be even

Kathy Kawalec 22nd June 2020
How To Make Your Dog Listen To You

When your dog refuses to listen to you, it can be really frustrating.

Kathy Kawalec 15th June 2020
How to Walk WITH Your Dog

What if walking with your dog was easy? What if you didn’t have

Kathy Kawalec 8th June 2020
4 Reasons Why Your Dog Won’t Stop Barking

All dogs bark. It doesn’t matter if you have a tiny Yorkshire Terrier

Kathy Kawalec 1st June 2020
How to Stop Unwanted Barking in 8 Steps

Pretty much every dog mom I’ve ever spoken to has a story of

Kathy Kawalec 25th May 2020
Step Into Your Dog’s Paws

How seriously have you considered the affect your mental state has on your

Kathy Kawalec 18th May 2020
Beyond Doing – How to “Be” A Good Dog Mom

As dog moms (and humans), we’re programmed to focus on ‘doing.’ We ask

Kathy Kawalec 11th May 2020
Digging Deeper into Communicating with Our Dogs

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your dog could talk to you? Well, they

Kathy Kawalec 4th May 2020
Partnership-Friendly Indoor Activities for You and Your Dog

Looking for some fun activities to keep your dog entertained at home? On

Kathy Kawalec 27th April 2020
Partnership Games When You’re Stuck Inside with Your Dog

Stuck inside? Are your dogs bored and driving you a bit stir crazy?

Kathy Kawalec 20th April 2020
Dog Behaving Badly? Turn Your Frustration into Fascination

When your dog is “behaving badly”, it’s so easy to let yourself get

Kathy Kawalec 17th April 2020
The Power of Intentional Breathing to Calm You and Your Dog

If you’re feeling a little stressed lately, you’re not alone. The coronavirus (COVID-19)

Kathy Kawalec 17th April 2020
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