How to Avoid Frustration with Unwanted Behavior

Have you ever been snuggled up with your dog with a cup of

Kathy Kawalec 17th April 2020
How to Be Safe, Calm and Happy in Difficult Times

We’re living in tough times right now. The spread of the Coronavirus has

Kathy Kawalec 23rd March 2020
How Consent Empowerment Builds Trust with Our Dogs

I believe that just like you and me, our dogs should be given

Kathy Kawalec 16th March 2020
Role Modeling Calm for Your Dog

When things go south, our dogs look to us for guidance. Every time

Kathy Kawalec 9th March 2020
A Sensitive Dog in a Big Scary City with Ulla Kjeldgaard

Having a sensitive dog in a huge city packed with racing cars, zooming

Kathy Kawalec 2nd March 2020
Why Your Reactive or Anxious Dog Doesn’t Trust You

If you have a dog that tends to be reactive to certain triggers

Kathy Kawalec 24th February 2020
Rehabbing An ‘Untrainable’ Rescue Dog

How can you train an “untrainable” dog? Do such dogs even exist? Many

Kathy Kawalec 17th February 2020
Hard Lessons from a Heart Dog

We all have high and low points with our dogs. Things don’t always

Kathy Kawalec 10th February 2020
It’s Your Choice – Transactional vs Relational

Do you have a transactional or a relational lifestyle with your dog? And…is

Kathy Kawalec 3rd February 2020
Behavior is Communication

Does your dog ever look at you dead in the eyes as if

Kathy Kawalec 27th January 2020
2 Favorite Indoor Games to Play with Your Dog

Stuck inside? Dogs driving you crazy? Everyone a little stir crazy? Play some

Kathy Kawalec 14th January 2018
4 Ways to Calm Your ‘Winter Stir Crazy’ Dogs and Get a Better Partnership

Having wild, pent-up dogs could be a really good time to work on

Kathy Kawalec 7th January 2018
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