Cognitive Dog Training: Small Changes = Big Rewards

  Have you ever noticed how we are really attracted to BIG rewards?

Kathy Kawalec 22nd September 2017
One Dog’s Transformation from Trash to Treasure

  When I adopted Maya, she had been labeled as ‘untrainable’ by her

Kathy Kawalec 11th September 2017
Does Your Dog Love You … Or Just Your Treats and Toys?

How can you successfully train your dog…AND get your dog to love being

Kathy Kawalec 2nd September 2017
Are You the Real Cause of Your Dogs Lack of Focus?

How can you have a communication ‘Dialog Loop” with your dog that gets

Kathy Kawalec 30th August 2017
Are You the Right Kind of Leader for Your Dog?

  How can you be the RIGHT kind of leader for your dog

Kathy Kawalec 28th August 2017
How to Start Herding the Right Way

To: Fellow Herding Dog Enthusiasts From: Kathy “learned the hard way” Kawalec If

Kathy Kawalec 16th August 2017
How to Help Dogs with Fear of Thunder and Fireworks

It’s that time of year. If you have a dog who is afraid of

Kathy Kawalec 29th June 2017
The Biggest Myth About Dog Training

Is “training” REALLY the best solution for a misbehaving dog? Or … is

Kathy Kawalec 5th May 2017
Why you should Stop Training your Dog … Until You Read This…

The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.

Kathy Kawalec 20th February 2017
The Joy and Struggle of Life with Dogs

Learn how to get more joy and a lot less struggle with the 5 Steps to a Brilliant Partnership with the Dog You Love.

Kathy Kawalec 14th February 2017
Herding Dog, No Sheep? 3 Simple Skills You Can Practice At Home

3 SIMPLE THINGS YOU CAN PRACTICE AT HOME to accelerate your herding progress.

Kathy Kawalec 22nd September 2015
What To Do When Your Dog or Puppy is Afraid of Something (and What Not To Do)

It all starts with the best of intentions. We want to do our

Kathy Kawalec 24th August 2015
Blueprint Brilliant Partnership

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