Brilliant Partners Academy


Brilliant Partners are kind, loving, calm, clear, confident, and cooperative …

Having an… Anxious, Hyper or Reactive Dog is tough..

When your dog is trying to tell you something that you don’t understand, it’s frustrating – for both of you. Since dogs can’t talk it out, they ACT it out.

When your dog feels uncomfortable, vulnerable and unheard … their behavior escalates from a whisper to a scream.

Imagine what it’ll be like when you and your dog can finally understand one another.

With the Dancing Hearts partnership lifestyle method, dogs and their moms can feel calm, happy and enjoy their life together.

A partnership lifestyle means you and your dog will be attentive and responsive partners that trust each other and blossom together.

And yes, this is proven to work in real life, even if your dog is reactive, distracted, hyper, anxious … and even if you’ve tried everything!

It’s not your fault, trust me. You’re not a bad dog mom. And you’re not alone.

You just need the right tools and a simple, proven system…

Imagine what it’ll be like when you and your dog can finally understand one another.

Is This You?

From the moment we bring our new dog home, we imagine walks in nature, fun social events, snuggling and laughing and sharing a happy life..

Then real life happens and we begin to struggle with our dog’s behavior. Cue stress, worry and overwhelm, right?

I want to set your mind at ease. As a passionate dog mom with 30+ years as a professional dog trainer and holistic behavior consultant, I’ve taught thousands of dog parents simple partnership lifestyle secrets…so they can feel calm, happy and have the freedom to do all they love together.

I can teach you too.

Living a Partnership Lifestyle with our dogs, filled with trust, kindness, and loving leadership is better than anything.

~Kathy Kawalec

3 Simple Steps to A

Happy Partnership

lifestyle with your dog...


Build Your Foundation

We start with simple communication and lifestyle skills that create trust and understanding between you & your dog.


Grow Your Relationship

Having a loving, respectful relationship and an attentive, responsive dog is simple with the partnership roadmap.


Become Brilliant Partners

A deep bond and heart connection result in having the freedom to enjoy the life of your dreams with your dog.

The Results

Kathy's students are getting

“I am loving the intense learning in the Cert programme, the community of amazing women, and Kathy’s gentle and powerful wisdom and guidance.

This is one of the best things I have ever done, in an already long life!”

Anya G
Serralongue, France

“It is the best decision”

“This way of living with our dogs is so much easier, and I love it so much that I signed up for being a Dancing Hearts Certified Partnership Coach. It is the best decision I have made for years!”

Ulla K
Lisbon, Portugal

“BPA has been such a great experience for all of us and I am forever grateful.”

“I thought: I’ve tried everything, training classes, behavior sessions, reactive dog classes, I have nothing to lose. 10 months later, we all enjoying our Brilliant Partners lifestyle and I’m so proud of my 3 fur kids!”

Bettina N
Stevens Point, Wisconsin

“What do I say about a program that changed despair to joy?”

“My dream dog had become a nightmare, my life was in turmoil and my family was miserable. With our partnership foundation, life is liberating, joyful and totally works! Who knew?”

Dee W
Rolling Prairie, Indiana

“Kicked out of obedience class … to brilliant partners!”

“After being kicked out of obedience class, I found Kathy Kawalec. I love her approach of a loving partnership. Life since is a daily delight with my girl!”

Jane K
West Baldwin, Maine

“Our walk today was perfect!”

“There was a time when walks were difficult, unhappy and uncomfortable … but today, our walk was perfect. The partnership principles gave us the foundation we needed!”

Marianne M
Huntington, NY

“Life is good!”

“My rescue dog Charlie was totally overwhelmed at everything in his new environment. I was exhausted, humiliated and frustrated. After BPA, I’m so happy and amazed at how wonderful life is with my dogs!”

Sue Mimm
Tyrol, Austria

“It’s the best decision I’ve made in years!”

“Bela was not enjoying her walks and neither were we…I was so frustrated and sad. This partnership lifestyle is so much easier! It is the best decision I have made in years.”

Ulla K
Lisbon, Portugal


Brilliant Partners are kind, loving, calm, clear, confident, and cooperative … and when WE learn how to be a Brilliant Partner, our dogs do too.