How to Help Your Dog Find Balance

How to Help Your Dog Find Balance

When your emotional pathway is clear and balanced, you’re primed for connecting and co-regulating with your dog. But finding balance isn’t always easy. So, what tools can you use to help restore emotional balance in your partnership? In this post, I’m sharing an idea from one of my favorite programs that I taught some years […]

Why Your Dog “Forgets” their Training During Walks

Why Your Dog “Forgets” their Training During Walks

Walking your dog around the house or garden is one thing. Transitioning those skills to places outside of those areas is an entirely different story and often, the perfect recipe for disaster. After weeks or even months of practicing with your dog, it can be really disappointing when everything you’ve been training for goes out […]

How to Be Ready For Anything While Walking Your Dog

How to Be Ready For Anything While Walking Your Dog

We all have a ‘perfect vision’ of what walking our dog should look like. Usually, it involves you and your dog walking side by side in harmony. Your dog isn’t pulling on the leash or lunging towards everyone who passes by. It’s a peaceful walk and something that you look forward to every day. However, […]

Fun Exercises to Improve Your Partnership with Your Dog

Improve your relationship with your dog

Do you want to leverage your best self and become the person you always wanted to be? Not only that, but become the person that your dog needs you to be? I want that for you too! I believe that by working on yourself, you can simultaneously build your partnership with your dog. To help […]

How to Know What Your Dog Really Feels

How to Know What Your Dog Really Feels

Can you tell how your dog is feeling? Understanding how your dog feels takes time. It’s easy to misinterpret your dog’s emotions and feelings because they don’t show their feelings in the same way as humans. As a dog mom, you want your dog to be happy. Nobody wants their dog to feel sad, frightened, […]

If Traditional Dog Training Isn’t The Answer, What Is?

If Traditional Dog Training Isn’t The Answer, What Is?

Do you have a dog who just won’t listen to you? Maybe your dog barks in the yard, pulls on the leash, or lunges towards everything (and everyone) they see. The bottom line is that whenever you need your dog to do something, they don’t. It’s frustrating when your dog won’t listen to you but…have […]

Dog Behaving Badly? Turn Your Frustration into Fascination

Dog behaving badly? turn your frustration into fascination

When your dog is “behaving badly”, it’s so easy to let yourself get frustrated about it. Nobody wants to see their dogs get upset in any way. We want them to be happy and not show any signs of stress, anxiety, or fear. When our dogs are reactive or distracted, many of us immediately jump […]

The Power of Intentional Breathing to Calm You and Your Dog

The power of intentional breathing to calm you and your dog

If you’re feeling a little stressed lately, you’re not alone. The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has changed the way we live our lives and will likely continue to do so for a while yet. Considering it’s a worldwide pandemic at this stage, you’re forgiven for feeling anxious, stressed, frustrated, or worried! As you can probably guess, […]

How to Be Safe, Calm and Happy in Difficult Times

How to be safe, calm and happy in difficult times

We’re living in tough times right now. The spread of the Coronavirus has caused a great deal of fear, uncertainty, and upheaval all over the planet. Many of you were already struggling with your relationship with your dog before the outbreak. Now, with self-quarantine well underway and having to keep a safe social distance from […]

Role Modeling Calm for Your Dog

Role modeling calm for your dog

When things go south, our dogs look to us for guidance. Every time a speeding truck zooms past, your dog is monitoring your reaction. Every time a stranger approaches the two of you, your dog looks to you to help them decide whether this person (or dog) can be trusted. Whether you realize it or […]

Behavior is Communication

Behavior is communication

Does your dog ever look at you dead in the eyes as if they want to tell you something very important…but you’ve no idea what? Realistically, it could be something as small as needing to go outside to relieve themselves (or a guilty glare because they’ve already left a nice surprise for you in your […]

How to Help Dogs with Fear of Thunder and Fireworks

It’s that time of year. If you have a dog who is afraid of thunder and fireworks, you know just what I’m talking about. Panic, pacing, panting, drooling, running away. Those are some of the symptoms that tell you your dog doesn’t appreciate the beauty of mother nature’s storms or the city’s annual fireworks display. Should […]