Sandra Chilton

Location : South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Languages : English

A partnership lifestyle enables us to fully embrace life with a sensitive dog and in return we learn to live in the moment, fully present, realising that it is possible to love another being without condition.

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Deb Hickey

Location : Central Wisconsin, United States

Languages : English

I wish to bring the loving, calming connection I have experienced with my dogs to other pet owners and their pets.

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Marika Koncek

Location : British Columbia, Canada

Languages : English

Our dogs are here to teach us lessons about how to become better humans, not only for our dogs but for ourselves and everyone and everything that surrounds us.

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Marianne A. Magin

Location : NY Tri-State Area, United States

Languages : English

I am inspired by dogs and their ability to always love us, to forgive us, and to teach us what is important as we grow in partnership together.

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Ana Plestenjak

Location : Slovenia

Languages : Slovene, English, German

I believe the true mission of our dogs is to show us the golden light of joy and happiness that is always in us, but we humans forget about it while growing up.

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