Alicia Martin

I live in the Dallas area in Texas, I am a Certified Partnership Life Coach as well as a Certified Life and Wellness Coach. It is my heart’s desire to help humans and their dogs discover the beauty and love they can have in a heart connected, Partnership Lifestyle where they can thrive in trust, […]

Beth Williams

As a licensed physical therapist for people and pets with a master’s degree in counseling and education psychology, a Centers for Spiritual Living licensed prayer practitioner, and a certified Dancing Hearts coach, I believe I have been uniquely trained to help people and their pets heal and thrive in body, mind, and spirit. I appreciate […]

Sandra Chilton

Coach Sandra with her 2 dogs smiling

I live in the United Kingdom with my two brilliant partners, Nigella (rough collie) and Monty (border collie).  Nigella was the first dog I owned and we fit together perfectly. Monty, my beautiful border collie, proved to be anxious and sensitive the minute we stepped out into the world. He barked and cried when we […]

Deb Hickey

Coach Deb Hickey with a close up photo of her and her dog Paddy both smiling

I have had pets most of my life. And have been lucky to have had 3 heart dogs grace my life in the last 17 years. I currently am certified as Canine Condition Coach, a Trick Dog Instructor, and a Stunt Dog Judge. In the past I have done agility. My current dog Paddy and […]

Marika Koncek

Coach Marika with her dogs in the garden

I am originally Australian born and moved to Canada nearly 10 years ago in search of a change. Unknowing of the journey I would undergo and the adventure that awaited me. I began professional dog training after meeting my husband here & rescuing a beautiful Rottweiler mix named Sierra. Sierra was a very reactive dog […]