Anya Gore

Location : Pyrénées Orientales, France

Languages : English, French

We and our dogs can transform together, while at the same time loving each other fully just as we are.

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Kim Howatt

Location : Illinois, United States

Languages : English

I love to help animal lovers find their stride, discovering the beauty of living a life in harmony, where all is one.

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Ulla Kjeldgaard

Location : Lisbon/Palmela, Portugal

Languages : English, Portugues

By becoming partners to our dogs, they show who they really are and teach us important lessons about life.

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Marianne A. Magin

Location : NY Tristate, United States

Languages : English

I am inspired by dogs and their ability to always love us, to forgive us, and to teach us what is important.

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Cécile Ruelle

Location : Nil-Saint-Vincent, Belgium

Languages : English, French

I believe our dogs are magical beings who share our lives to bring us joy, love, and so much more...

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"Modern dog owners are looking for more than training. They're looking for a deeper connection, and a holistic lifestyle with their dogs. With certification, you'll be able to serve.”

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