Like you, I am an animal lover, and a dog lover. All my life I have also loved to learn. This is just as well, because my foundations shifted the day Zoe joined our family, and ever since I have been immersed in learning and exploring how to be the best possible human for my dog.

If you passionately believe that our dogs need us to be the best we can be, that they deserve this and that we owe it to them, then I invite you to embark on the most rewarding and inspiring journey imaginable. What an amazing gift this is – through our dogs we can learn to know ourselves so much better, we can discover some of our deepest abilities, talents, and also fears, which through partnership we can transform.

We and our dogs can transform together, while at the same time loving each other fully just as we are. I love transformation – it is exciting, and I love helping people remember who they really are, how amazing they are, and helping them to reconnect with that part of themselves. Most of my professional life has been dedicated to this.

After graduating from Cambridge University, I studied and qualified in many healing modalities. I was a reflexologist (my book “Reflexology: an introductory guide to its uses” was published in 1990), massage therapist, and Zero Balancer, and am still a Soul Realignment practitioner, energy healer, and animal communicator.

And now, as a Dancing Hearts Partnership Coach, I just love being able to coach people in their partnership with their dogs – it is so deep. Being partners with our dogs is the best feeling in the world! For all of us! Our dogs teach us so much. Zoe led me to find Kathy Kawalec, and to become a Partnership Coach.

I am so happy and honoured to be able to offer you support and guidance, and a detailed step by step plan, as you explore ways to become the best partner possible to your dog, and also the best partner to yourself. I offer one to one consultations, both in person and online.