I was 8 years old when dogs stole my heart… although we never had dogs in the family, passion suddenly took me over, like a gift, and has never left me since then.  Over the years, I have been involved in breeding, showing, and positive dog training.    

15 years ago, an unbelievable dream came true as I was able to make my passion my job, as a professional dog trainer.  A few years later, I created my puppy school to help people have the best possible start in life with the newest member of their family.  My 10-year experience in breeding has given me many opportunities to learn about puppies and has made me even more eager to help them become the wonderful partners they are sent to us to be.

My dog training journey has taught me a lot about people, about dogs, about teaching, and has brought me to where I am today.  Then I came across Kathy Kawalec’s work on partnership lifestyle… Through her Brilliant Partners Academy and Relationship Rehab Intensive programs, I learned to become the person our 5 Australian shepherds need me to be and I embarked on an incredible adventure of discovery and growth for myself and with our dogs.  Kathy’s DH Coach Certification program was the next obvious step and allowed me to dive even deeper and take partnership principles and tools to a new level of understanding in my life.  It has influenced every area of my personal life.

I believe our dogs are magical beings who share our lives to bring us joy; and partnership coaching allows us to view our relationship with them from a completely different perspective.  If we are willing to learn from them, they teach us about trust, respect, dialogue, understanding, love, and so much more!

This is so beautiful and I’m eager to share it!  How about starting off that journey together?

Welcoming a new canine member into our families, whether a puppy or an older dog, is an exciting adventure!  This is just the right time to start developing your partnership and your mutual trust.

Even if your dog has been sharing your life for some time already, now is the perfect moment to start exploring your relationship from a new perspective, where trust comes first!

As your Certified Partnership coach, I will guide you to develop a beautiful partnership with your dog, based on mutual trust, dialog and loving leadership.  Through different programs (on-line, in-person, one on one, group classes), I will be sharing tools and principles that will enable you to live a beautiful life with your dog, as you learn to understand each other and discover together how to become brilliant partners.

I will be happy to discuss the possibilities I offer and find out what best fits your specific needs.  I speak French and English and can help you in both languages. 

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!