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Our global team of independent Certified Partnership Coaches are trained in Kathy’s partnership lifestyle method to work locally with dog families. Click on a coach to learn more.
Coach Deb Hickey with a close up photo of her and her dog Paddy both smiling

Deb Hickey


Central Wisconsin, United States



I have had pets most of my life. And have been lucky to have had 3 heart dogs grace my life in the last 17 years. I currently am certified as Canine Condition Coach, a Trick Dog Instructor, and a Stunt Dog Judge. In the past I have done agility. My current dog Paddy and I do therapy work, Tail Wagging Tutors (reading program) and are volunteers for Australian Shepherds Forever.

However my favorite activity involving dogs is to share with others the Partnership Lifestyle. This Lifestyle enriches every activity you do with your dog. From snuggling, walking, or doing dog sports. I love seeing the delight and love in a person’s eyes as they connect with their dog. I do this because I want more dogs to feel less anxious, scared, timid and to have a forever home.

I want more people to experience what I have with my dog Paddy. A close companionship, supporting one another in every activity they experience in their life together.