Hi, my name is Kim and I am a partnership coach and wellness enthusiast.  With a history as a computer programmer and elite athlete, I strive to help others find a balance of body, mind and spirit.  I love to help animal lovers find their stride, discovering the beauty of living a life in harmony where all is one. 

I am located in Northern Illinois, between Chicago, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

From my earliest years, I have been an athlete and a scholar. My background playing college softball and my BS  in Theoretical Computer Science have served me well to this point in life.   My softball team was inducted into the NIU Hall of Fame, and I have worked my way upward to VP Software at Kleinschmidt, Inc.  As captain of the team and manager at my company, I have learned how to lead, how to teach and how to be an example for others. I pay attention to the details and create solid plans and pathways for success.

I have always had a connection with animals that was special.  Dogs have been a part of my life since before I can remember.  Ginger, the German short hair, Tuffy the toy poodle… those were my childhood pets.  As an adult, we have always had family dogs and I spent 7 years working for Australian Shepherd Rescue Midwest.  To say I have learned a lot from these experiences is an understatement.

As an adult I have struggled with chronic illness, so when Jango came into our life and was struck with a devastating reaction to his rabies vaccine, life took a twist and I began to study holistic and homeopathic modalities that support the body and help to maintain the balance we need in our life.  

The health struggles, coupled with my desire to help people live their best life with their animals has shined a light on my passion, and I am now turned in a new direction…  a direction of service. Meeting Kathy Kawalec has been one of the biggest blessings  in my life, and to have the opportunity to study with her has been life changing.  I am so excited to serve the animal community as a certified DH Partnership Coach, and I cannot wait to work with you.

When we work together, you will discover how to communicate and understand your animals.  You will discover the beauty of leadership and how to support your animals instead of “fixing” them. You will experience the joy of “just being” with your animal.  Partnership is truly a transformative experience, and I invite you to learn with me.  I know that  we will have a great deal of fun in the process. 

Let’s do this, together.