I am inspired by dogs.

I am inspired by their beauty, their grace, their wisdom. 

I am inspired by their ability to always love us, to forgive us, and to teach us what is important, the lessons that we are given so that we can become the best versions of ourselves. They believe in us and can lead us, even when we don’t fully believe in them or ourselves.

I grew up with dogs and I have been blessed with their companionship ever since. They’ve been my best friends in adventures, my artistic muses, my partners in dog sports, my soul mates when I’ve felt alone and integral members of my family. They helped to get me through the tough times in my life and then sometimes they were the tough times in my life. I always loved interacting with them, learning new things and sharing things together. However, sometimes situations become challenging, you lose your way and you don’t know how to go forward…in one of those times in my life, I learned about Kathy and the Foundation Formula and decided to try this new way of thinking and being. Truth be told, it didn’t fully click in or make total sense to me, but there was something that spoke to my very essence. I was drawn to the concepts of collaboration, understanding our dogs from their perspective and living in partnership. So I began to explore and to learn about more about this new way of being, I continued in the Brilliant Partner’s Academy, the Creative Alchemy Passion Plan, RRI, and as I did, I uncovered new layers, became a winner and a learner, and realized that there was so much more to learn! When Kathy chose to start the coaching program, I was drawn to it and made the choice to take part, to expand my understanding, and to seek and learn at an even deeper level. 

So here I am now, a certified coach…still feeling that there is more to learn, that there are still more layers to uncover, and that there is a lot I can share as well. The partnership principles that guide us to achieving a brilliant life with our dogs have had a profound effect on my life both with my dogs and beyond into my everyday life as well. My dogs continue to inspire me…My dogs inspire me to do my best to be the person that they believe that I am.

If my story resonates with you and if you are looking for coaching then I invite you to contact me. I look forward to the opportunity to expand and learn from each other as we grow together in this journey of understanding and partnership.