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Our global team of independent Certified Partnership Coaches are trained in Kathy’s partnership lifestyle method to work locally with dog families. Click on a coach to learn more.
Coach Sandra with her 2 dogs smiling

Sandra Chilton


South Yorkshire, United Kingdom



I live in the United Kingdom with my two brilliant partners, Nigella (rough collie) and Monty (border collie).  Nigella was the first dog I owned and we fit together perfectly. Monty, my beautiful border collie, proved to be anxious and sensitive the minute we stepped out into the world. He barked and cried when we tried to lead walk which had me feeling isolated and frustrated, and bonding with him proved very difficult. We tried traditional positive training, using treats for distraction and exposure to all the scary things, and things got worse. Monty really tried to make me understand, but I just didn’t hear his communication and our relationship was so difficult.

I saw an invite to a free Dancing Hearts Partnership Workshop. I believe Kathy reached out to us, we joined the Brilliant Partners Academy and very slowly I began to understand Monty’s point of view. I could see the real beauty in this handsome little border collies eyes as I fully embraced Kathy’s teaching and we began to live the partnership lifestyle.

I became totally hooked on Kathy’s teaching, and partnership behaviours spilled over into all my relationships. I attended all the partnership courses Kathy has to offer, our journey towards brilliant partners was not linear, lots of winding roads but always in the right direction. In 2020 I began studying for the certified coaching certificate and now I am excited to share all I’ve learned with you as a partnership coach.

Today as I live the partnership lifestyle, present and connected with both my dogs, we enjoy our daily walks in nature, we love each others company unconditionally accepting who we are as individuals and we are active engaging for fun and competition with our local flyball team.

I am honoured and excited to have been invited by Kathy Kawalec to support the Brilliant Partners Academy as a community coach. I love this lifestyle and I am keen to support others to achieve the dream life that they envisage for themselves and their dogs.