I am passionate about helping people and their dogs live a balanced, fulfilling life, in harmony with each other. Learning and growing together, side by side.

A lifetime of experience of living with dogs, cats and horses led me to discover my dream career.  I spent the past seven years immersing myself in learning everything I can about dogs.   From nutrition to cognitive brain functions; the latest scientific research in dog behaviour and modern training techniques; to the emotional needs and welfare of our canine friends. I completed my Diploma as an Austrian Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Behaviour Consultant, and I have attended multiple seminars, webinars and workshops by some of the top trainers from around the world.

In 2016, I joined the Brilliant Partners Academy, and found the ‘missing pieces’ that went far beyond what training and behaviour science can offer!  It opened my eyes to a whole new, enlightened way of living with our dogs, and supporting them in our fast-paced and human-centric world.

The layers of deeper understanding, learning and mentoring by Kathy Kawalec, totally transformed my life with my dogs – far beyond my wildest dreams! And, it also transformed the way I work with my clients and their dogs.

As your DH Partnership Coach, I will engage my experience and expertise to support and guide you on an exciting journey.  Through teaching you the skills you will need, and how to apply the Partnership Principles to your situation, you will discover that heart-centered leadership, communication, trust and co-operation can bring about the life you always dreamed of with your dog!

Our dogs are just waiting to partner with us – all we need to do is learn how to earn their trust and embrace their intelligence and individuality.


I am based in beautiful Tirol, Austria, and I offer both online services and in-person coaching, in English and German languages.

Whether you’re starting off with a new puppy, an adopted / rescue dog, or you’re dealing with challenging behaviour that you need some help with, I would be honoured and delighted to partner with you and your dog.

My approach is a holistic one, meaning that I look at the ‘whole’ picture including the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and lifestyle of your dog, and I will tailor a plan specific to you and your individual dog’s needs.  We will incorporate the Partnership Principles and Lifestyle, as well as a range of holistic tools including essential oils and flower essences, when needed.

Some of my themed package offers include:

  • Puppy Education and Wellbeing
  • Holistic Behaviour Therapy
  • ‘Walk With Me’ – Learning to Walk in Partnership with Your Dog
  • Rehab Your Rescue Dog
  • Separation Anxiety and Related Behaviours
  • Companionship – Fun Team Activity for Building Partnership Skills & Confidence

Unsure where to start or what would be the best option for you and your dog right now?
No worries….

I offer a FREE, no obligation, 20-minute online ‘Introduction Call’, where we can chat about your / your dog’s individual needs, and I can help you to decide on the best path forward.
I look forward to meeting you and your dog and guiding you to reach your true potential together as partners!