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Maya’s Journey of Transformation

Another Story of Transformation I Want to Share with You.

Kathy Kawalec's Maya captured in a painting by Bev Gross

You may know my sweet and sassy Maya…or you may know of her story. She is quite a gal, with a jaded history. 😉

She was kicked out of 3 homes, and stood on death’s door because of her impossible behavior. She was labeled ‘untrainable’, and I was her last chance.

She chased anything that moved including kids, bikes, cows, horses…anything and everything! There was not a fence or gate that could stop her.

That was before she was 6 months old. Yep. She is quite a character.

I spent 6 months working with her, creating partnership, developing self control, training basic life skills … you know … The Foundation Formula stuff.

THEN, and only then, I started her sheepdog training. It was so worth the wait.

I made a video journal of the start of her herding training, and the beginnings of her sheepdog trial career.

You might want to go watch this right now. It turned out she was a world-class champion. Who knew?

Love to you and your dogs,
Kathy xoxo



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