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EBD004 What Your Dog Wants Most | Social Intelligence for Good Behavior

Your dogs’ social intelligence leads the way to good behavior

In This Episode of Enlightened By Dogs, Kathy shares a surprising truth about what your dog wants more than anything else on earth She also gives real-life scenarios of when they’re not being met, and when they are by following the basic rules of social intelligence.

Kathy shares how to properly meet these 3 must-meet-needs in order to build a deep connection and a solid foundation that leads to good behavior and a happy life for you and your dog. It’s easier than you might think, considering that both humans and dogs have the same high level of social intelligence and the same basic needs!

Listen to this episode for the framework of how to change your dogs’ behavior, and have a brilliant relationship with your dog by following these basic rules of social intelligence.

In This Episode

  • How dogs and humans are socially similar
  • How feeling a sense of love and a sense of belonging play into the equation
  • Learn to create a deeper level of connection with your dog
  • Your dog’s 3 biggest needs, and how to meet them.


“Both humans and dogs are considered to be highly socially intelligent animals”

“We can circumvent that by genuinely loving our dogs for who they are”

“They’re thinking ‘Oh my god, I’m in this situation and I have no idea how to get out of it’”

“Be brilliant”

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2 Responses

  1. Another great podcast that explains the frustrating looks I get from my dog who has a every expressive face. She can display sad, happy, frustrated, shocked and pissed off expressions which at times can be quite amusing. 💕

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