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EBD 006: A Holistic Lifestyle from Losing Max

It was losing Max that started me on the path to a holistic lifestyle.

In this episode, Kathy tells a story about her dog Max, and how his loss opened the door to learning about a holistic lifestyle. Kathy is all about building healthy relationships between people and their dogs…and finding balance through a holistic perspective and from using holistic tools.

This holistic lifestyle led to a complete overhaul of the way Kathy trains her dogs, the way she communicates with them, the way she joyfully lives with them … and is the basis for her body of work.

Kathy says:

Much has evolved for me in the past 35 years, as I continue to learn and make new discoveries…but the core philosophy stays the same:

The body, mind, emotions and spirit are all interwoven and cannot be separate and we need to balance ALL parts of ourselves and our dogs.

In this episode, Kathy shares her story and the discoveries she made that set her off on this holistic lifestyle.

In This Episode

  • Kathy finds out that she’s allergic to everything.
  • The results of a holistic perspective, and the rippling impact it created.
  • How it all ties in to your lifestyle and the life of your dog
  • The very first thing Kathy did to move toward a holistic lifestyle


“Through my grief, Max charged me with a mission: to find a better path to providing optimal health for me and for my animals”

“I started researching the effect of food and lifestyle”

“I began to change the way I ate. The kinds of foods I are and how I combined those foods”

“I went from feeling like complete crap every day to feeling fantastic”

“How your dog feels effects how they learn, how they behave, how they perform”

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  1. Another great podcast and so sad with Max, which Ieaves me say, why is it so hard on us when we lose one of our fur family? Do we put to much human value and emotion into our canines? Whatever it is I won’t change my love and thankfulness for giving these to my dog, either past and present, but darn they leave such a large hole in my heart when then do leave. Rest in Pease Oscar. 💕😢🐕

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