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EBD 007 Both Ends of the Leash with Debbie Bauer

Both ends of the leash: dogs helping people helping dogs!

Debbie Bauer has 28 years of teaching and consulting experience working with dogs and their people.  She is a certified Healing Touch for Animals practitioner, as well as a Tellington TTouch Companion Animal practitioner.

Debbie is the Intake and Adoption Coordinator at the Effingham County Humane Society.  Through her work with shelter dogs, she has developed a therapeutic dog training program called Both Ends of the Leash, where her focus is to allow people and dogs to learn together and to reach their full potential. 

Listen to this interview where Deb shares insights she’s learned from her work with dogs and humans.

In This Episode

  • What happens at Both Ends Of The Leash
  • Creating a new story
  • How the program helps to rehabilitate repeat offenders, and how it works out for the dogs as well!
  • Kathy and Debbie talk trust, and the impact of trust.
  • The difference between belonging and fitting in


“If I can get them to connect with those dogs by telling them what the dog’s story is, then we can start to talk about their story”

“What kind of people do we trust?”

“You want someone who’s supportive of you. You want someone who’s reliable”

“Belonging is someone wants us”

“I did everything possible that I knew how to do, and it wasn’t getting better

Debbie Bauer with her Treasure.

Learn more about Debbie!

Debbie has trained dogs in a variety of fields, including therapy work, flyball, herding, print ad and media work, obedience, rally, agility, musical freestyle, conformation, lure coursing, tricks and scent work.  She has over 13 years of experience with custom-training assistance dogs, including medical alert dogs, to match the specific needs of each person.  

She offers holistic dog training and wellness services through Your Inner Dog (www.yourinnerdog.com)  She is the author of several books, the most current of which is White Dog Blog.  She also keeps a blog by the same name, which highlights her life with blind and deaf dogs.  Her special interest lies in educating the public about dogs which are homozygous merle (often called double merle), and about how deaf, blind, and deaf/blind dogs can live happy fulfilled lives as part of a family.  www.yourinnerdog.com

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