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EBD 008 Lost Dogs and Free Nail Trims with Sally Krostal

Helping Lost Dogs and Providing Low-Cost Nail Trims.

Paws for a Cause is impacting the community one nail trim and helping find one lost dog at a time! Sally Krostal is passionate about dogs, people and the organizations that help along the way. She founded her non-profit to help dogs and cats in low-income neighborhoods get free nail trims in an effort to raise awareness and encourage ID tagging. She is also very involved in efforts to reunite lost dogs with their owners!

Sally tells us about how her first lost dog influenced her life direction and how her Doberman Jane taught her how to truly connect with dogs and have a positive impact on her own dogs, her client dogs and on the shelter dogs she works with daily. Sally advises: let your dog talk to you instead of you monopolizing the conversation.

In This Episode

  • Free nail trims and ID tags
  • From a Daschund to a Doberman
  • Learning about expectations and abandoning the T (training) word
  • The journey to reuniting lost dogs with their owners
  • Team Molly, and giving dogs their options
  • The one thing you can do to improve your relationship with your dog


“Our focus is to have an ID and microchips on all the pets”

“Jane brought me to the animal shelter so that she could come home with me”

“9 times out of 10, the aggressive dog is just fearful”

“Going into the trap gives panicked lost dogs the option of being able to go home without actually going up to a person”

“Let your dog talk to you instead of monopolizing the conversation”

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