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EBD 010 The #1 Mistake That Sabotages Your Dog’s Recall

Recall 911! Why won’t my dog come when called?

This recall training mistake puts your dog in danger and is likely to cause you to feel frustrated when your dog won’t come when you call. Yet, dog lovers make this recall mistake over and over – and it’s so easy to fix! We are being taught this crucial training skill the wrong way, making our communication so very confusing to our dogs.

Your dog’s recall and response are super important to building a solid and loving relationship between you both. So much rides on your dog’s willingness to listen to you, and their desire to do so! All we need to do is communicate our desires to our dog in a way they can easily understand.

From the 95% rule, to the right type of invitation, and from military composure to giving hugs, this episode covers a lot of ground in a short period of time! Tune in to learn how to build that amazing and rewarding relationship with your four-legged friends!

In This Episode

  • Where does the mistake come from?
  • Why demanding compliance isn’t okay
  • The Hug Experiment
  • Position, Posture and Presence
  • Dance invitations and the 95% rule


“So many myths about dog training and relationships are culturally conditioned and we’re not even aware of them”

“In everyday life, there is absolutely no reason for us to stand there like a military guard and expect our dogs to reliably come to us”

“We do want our dogs to LOVE to come when we call them”

“Our dogs are socially intelligent animals. Just like humans.”

“If you’re not 95% sure that your dog can do a thing, don’t ask”

The Recall “Dance Invitation” Posture:

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