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EBD 013 Understanding Your Dog Q+A with Kathy Kawalec

How to Engage With Your Dog and Understand Triggers

Understanding your dog and your role as loving leader is so important.

You’ve been hearing me talk about being an attentive leading partner for our dogs but that brought up the question: Does that mean I’m supposed to interact and engage with my dog all day long?

Well, that’s a great question and Kathy shares her insights about understanding the needs of our dogs, and just what being a good role model means in this instance.

What triggers the behaviors you don’t want your dog to have? And what should you do?

Kathy answers these questions and more in a Q&A she hosted online to make understanding your dog easier!

In This Episode

  • Live Q+A with Kathy
  • Understanding how to balance our life with dogs
  • Deeper discussion of the Clarity Chart with examples
  • Triggers and role modeling are part of the discussion


“Having a high level of trust and confidence changes everything for you and your dog.”

“Which activities that you do with your dog trigger the behaviour that you do not like?”

“We can not change anything if we keep doing the same stuff that’s not working.”

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