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EBD015 Dog Training Fail – Trading Away What You Want Most

Dog training fails when we trade obedience for responsibility

Our dog training time is precious, so why should we ‘waste’ it on training cued behaviors that are not necessary?

Do you need your dog to down/stay on a mat? Or are you willing to exchange that for something much more amazing?

Today’s episode goes deep into what we truly desire from our dog’s behavior, and why we might be taking a more difficult approach than necessary.

Listen in as Kathy takes us through the process of dog training vs partnership lifestyle, and shares the story of her dogs at the vet to demonstrate the concept of clarity.

In This Episode

  • Why we dog enthusiasts have dogs in our lives
  • Trading what you want right now, for what you want most
  • Kathy’s dogs have a hilarious vet visit that ends in a great teaching moment
  • What do you want from your dog? Get Clarity!


“The question is: are you willing to be the human your dog needs?”

“Who says that your dog must be an obedience robot … the dog gods?”

“Our dogs are all different, and that’s okay”

“Always ask yourself: Why do you think you want that from your dog?”

“Partnership happens because your dog understands their responsibility and looks to you for positive, loving leadership … and does that because of who you are and how you are as a human.”

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