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EBD020 From Pennies to Riches with Our Dogs

Following the penny trail, one baby step at a time will lead us to big results with our dogs.

Would you postpone immediate gratification to create something far more valuable with your dogs?

Would you step over a $10 bill to pick up a penny? It’s unlikely, but what if that penny were the beginning of a trail to unimaginable riches.

It can be a real challenge to ‘celebrate’ a baby step when we have a sort of desperate need to get a certain behavior NOW.

That’s the premise of today’s episode of Enlightened By Dogs. Kathy takes us through some of the stories of her Brilliant Partners, and the deeply rooted successes they are having with their dogs!

Listen to today’s episode as Kathy demonstrates the possibilities of unimagined riches with our dogs by taking one baby step and celebrating one small win at a time.

In This Episode

  • The Penny Trail of baby steps that leads to big results
  • Sally’s tale and tears of joy as she helps a fearful rescue dog
  • Jane celebrates baby steps in communicating with her reactive dog
  • Helen’s subtle shift creates a big leap in focus with her dog
  • Jennifer’s distracted dog brings home the ribbons
  • Brilliant Dog Partner Precepts


“It can be a real challenge to ‘celebrate’ a baby step when we have a sort of desperate need to get a certain behavior NOW.”

“He thanked me for the relief from the pain he had been feeling”

“Let me speak to you in a way I know you understand”

“The answer is to pay more attention to my dog, and not the environment”

“It’s about knowing, really knowing, how every tiny part of you is influencing your dog in every single moment.”

“It’s about being so present, that you can instantly, magically, having a deep understanding on so many levels.”

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