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EBD022 Law of Attraction and A Fearful Dog

How can the Law of Attraction help your fearful dog?

It all starts with the best of intentions. We all want what’s best for our dog, but sometimes we are taken by surprise and we suddenly have a fearful dog. In that moment, how do you go about handling that situation?

Your choice can have a lasting effect on your dog and the trust and confidence your dog has in you.

Natural Laws, like the Law of Resonance (commonly referred to as the Law of Attraction) go way deeper than ‘science-based dog training’. Or any other kind of dog training.

This is the stuff that makes the world go round, quite literally … without human intervention of any kind. (I know, right?)

We can apply these natural laws to raising and socializing our dogs…think of it like this:

What you put the most attention, energy and focus on is the very thing that you ‘attract’ more of into your life.

Now, what exactly DO YOU want to attract more of?

This episode is all about using the Law of Attraction to help your fearful dog, and a few key concepts to navigate fear without damaging the trust you and your dog share!

In This Episode

  • Universal Laws
  • Attracting scary monsters
  • Raven and the water monster
  • More trust, less fuss
  • Key concepts and Tips


“What you put the most attention, energy and focus on is the very thing that you ‘attract’ more of into your life.”

“I had to choose. How was I going to respond to this situation? What did I want to attract more of into my life?”

“Like attracts like”

“What exactly do you want to attract more of?”

“Focus on the heart to heart connection with your dog”

“I did not try to train or condition her”

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