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EBD023 6 Words Your Dog Needs to Hear Today

Beyond Praise: The 6 words that change everything for you and your dog

There are 6 words that change the lives of professional athletes, children, lovers, friends and yes: even your beloved dog!

I’m not talking about words of praise, encouragement, guidance or cheerleading. We all do that, right?

No, this is something different.

A while back, I read an article about what makes a great ‘sports parent’. Author Rachel Macy Stafford talked about one particular sentence that inspired her to change what she says to her kids as she drives them around to different activities, determined NOT to be one of those ‘nightmare sports parents’ mentioned in the article she read.

Then, I began to contemplate the words and the feeling behind the words that I say to my dog. Do I use a similar phrase myself, I wondered?

In this episode, we talk about what those words are, and why they have such a profound impact on both the person saying them, and the one hearing them! That’s you and your dog!

In This Episode

  • Dogs under pressure
  • 6 words that change everything
  • How do they apply to the world of dogs?


“Well-intentioned dog enthusiasts put all sorts of pressure on their dogs”

“Was I the dog equivalent of one of those nightmare parents?”

“I love to watch you play”

“That familiar feeling of throat catching, eyes welling, heart swelling comes over me as I watch my dog”

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