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EBD024 The Hidden Agenda of Misbehaving Dogs

Are Misbehaving Dogs Simply Begging for Help?

Remember the last time your dog ‘got distracted’, ‘blew you off’, or just  ‘didn’t listen’?

What’s really going on with misbehaving dogs?

We think we’re doing a good job training and handling our dogs, and yet we are still experiencing these problems. Maybe just once in a while, or maybe a lot. Looking back at our training, we just don’t find the answer to where it went wrong.

So we train harder, train more often. Still, the problems crop up.

When we can’t ‘train away’ the problem, we might ultimately conclude that our dog ‘has her own agenda’.

Listen in and find out the hidden agenda of misbehaving dogs and how you can turn things around for you and your dog!

In This Episode

  • The challenges and frustrations we experience with our dogs
  • Our dog’s secret agenda
  • How our dogs communicate with us
  • Sometimes your dog won’t listen for a good reason
  • How sheep gathering taught a valuable lesson about listening to your dog
  • 5 steps to reaching success in frustrating situations


“When we can’t train away the problem, we might ultimately conclude that our dog has her own agenda”

“The reason that you are having these training and performance issues is that your dog does not understand what you want.”

“They want to feel that they belong”

“Dogs thrive when they are a contributing member of a well-functioning family”

“Every time your dog ‘makes a mistake’ or ‘blows you off’ or ‘gets distracted’ or ‘doesn’t listen’: It’s just FEEDBACK. Plain and simple.”

“The dog was not misbehaving, the dog was simply begging for help”

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