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EBD027 Using Intentional Gratitude for a Brilliant Relationship with Your Dogs

What is intentional gratitude and how do I use it to form a great relationship with my dog?

More and more listeners are tuning in to the show! As a thank you, Kathy is sharing her intentional gratitude practice with you.

It’s been proven that gratitude is shown to have a positive impact psychologically, socially and physiologically, and so there are perks to putting a gratitude practice into action. Especially when it can create a great relationship between you and your dog!

Kathy takes you through her step by step guide to intentional gratitude, and teaches you how to create a permanent imprint for those times when things get tough!

In This Episode

  • The perks of feeling gratitude
  • Counting your blessings, and attracting more blessings
  • Paying it forward
  • Kathy’s gratitude practice guide!
  • Raven’s Rescue Fund


“Being grateful can help people cope with stress”

“People who are grateful tend to be happier, healthier and more fulfilled.”

“When we feel and express gratitude for what we have in our life, we are automatically attracting more of what we love”

“Get in touch with a genuine, heartfelt feeling of gratitude every day”

“We are infecting others with our love and gratitude”

“Your gratitude has no expiration date”

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