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EBD028 5 Simple Strategies for a Happy Dog Life

How can we live a happy life, and have a happy dog, in spite of relationship challenges?

If you have a dog, there’s a chance you enjoy both the companionship and the challenges.

But what happens when you encounter obstacles that threaten happiness for the both of you?

In this episode, Kathy is sharing her tips and insights on how to have a happy dog …

and how to create a deeply happy and thriving partnership with your dogs.

In This Episode

  • Collaborating with your dog to solve problems
  • Paying attention to your intention
  • Learning from your dog
  • Approaching the world with a beginner’s mind
  • Being a positive and loving leader


“At the heart of it is the process of acquiring profound understanding and knowledge about our dogs, about ourselves and how we interact and respond to one another”

“When you think about having partnership with your dogs, life changes in an amazing way”

“If we don’t set an intention every single day then we are just going to get caught up in life’s challenges”

“We are indeed a transmitter but we’re also a receiver”

“We know that we don’t know what we don’t know”

“Feel heartfelt appreciation for your dog”

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One Response

  1. I discovered this podcasts only a month ago and I am listening one every morning at breakfast. It is so inspiring and really, after a few days already I noticed changes in my very responsive 3 year old German Shepherd, Castor. Whenever he goes outside the house he is sooooo anxious! But now I learned how to calm him down (OK, a little trial and error here, we need to get to know each other better!)
    Castor can now lie down at a quiet space that is surrounded by the fence and our car. And we now came to the point that he wags his tail in the morning when I come downstairs, instead of staring at me in a way of `Oh no, another day of toooo much impulses I cannot handle`. We even manage to walk around the block without difficulties, although cars and cats are still quite challenging. I still keep avoiding those triggers as much as possible, I think I first have to focus on the `TRUST`.

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