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EBD029 How I Taught My Dog To Pee In The House

I accidentally taught my dog to pee in the house. How did I fix it? Tune in and find out!

If we’re not willing to laugh at ourselves sometimes, things won’t be that great!

Laughing at myself and my ineptness as a dog trainer – then sharing that with the world – way more fun. Who doesn’t need a little humility to keep things in balance?

In this episode I confess that I taught my dog to pee in the house! It wasn’t done purposefully, and it took an alarming amount of attempts from Sue to show me the error of my ways!

What I thought was a loving glance from my beautiful dog, and a connection we shred staring into each other’s eyes was actually her telling me that she needed to go! It wasn’t the most obvious of signs, and once I figured it out, Sue had a few more surprises waiting for me!

How did we sort it all out? Click play and tune into the episode to learn about my approach to correcting my mistake!

In This Episode

  • Contemplation while cleaning up the mess
  • It happened again! What the heck?
  • Peeing on the couch one month later
  • What those beautiful loving eyes meant to Sue
  • How many times does it take a person to get the message?
  • Creating a meaningful dialogue with your dogs
  • Do you have any confessions?


“I doubled down on my efforts to stay focused and be attentive”

“Thank goodness I had blankets on the couch”

“What the heck is going on here? Why is she doing this?”

“That is not a gaze of love. That is a look of ‘I have to pee right now’”

“Sometimes it takes a long time for learning to take place for humans”

“Meaningful dialogue between species is always possible”

“It’s always a worthwhile endeavour to dialogue with our dogs”

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