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EBD030 How To Accelerate Your Dog Training Goals

I’ll share some advanced gratitude strategies to accelerate your dog training goals!

There is a way to accelerate your dog training goals, and it’s easier than you may think!

Being grateful for what we already have and where we are right now in the journey can make the process of moving forward a lot more enjoyable (and faster!) but there are also a few little things that I’m excited to share with you about how to accelerate your progress when it comes to reaching those important dog training goals!

Whether you have a goal for attaining something special with your dog … or for a non-dog something that you feel inspired to bring into your life … this episode will get you moving even faster in the right direction.

In This Episode

  • Being grateful for where will help take us to where we want to be
  • The benefits of setting heart-centered goals, and how to reach your desired outcome
  • The trap of measuring the gap, and the value of measuring progress
  • Enjoying the process of getting there
  • 3 acceleration tips to help you reach your goals more quickly and smoothly than ever before!


“When we have a foundation of gratitude, everything shifts”

“Be grateful for what we have now helps us get in the right mindset to attract more of what we are reaching for”

“When we measure the gap between where we are against where we want to be, we slow our momentum”

“Get into the habit of measuring your progress – it’s so reinforcing and inspiring!”

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