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EBD035 Building Trust in Distracted and Reactive Dogs

How to rebuild trust in your distracted and reactive dogs

Does your distracted or reactive dog make you absolutely crazy sometimes? Distracted and Reactive dogs often behave in a way that makes us nervous or afraid … and unable to go places where there are other dogs … or unable to trust our dogs off leash.

Do you find yourself getting frustrated with the way they behave? Well, you’re not alone, and that doesn’t have to be your reality!

Distracted behavior and reactivity can be resolved by establishing a deep connection with your dog based on trust, confidence, love and respect.

It’s easier said than done, but with a few tools from a coaching session that Kathy delivers to her Brilliant Partners Academy members, soon you’ll be noticing positive changes in your life, and the behavior of your distracted or reactive dogs.

In This Episode

  • Using the clarity chart and how it helps in creating trust and confidence between you and your dog
  • What happens when your dog disconnects from you and stops listening
  • The 80/20 rule, what it is and how it applies to your relationship with your dog
  • How will you support your dog as their partner?


“Building trust starts with stopping trust and confidence leaks between you and your dog”

“Circumstances that build trust must be proactively created”

“I don’t expect my dogs to be going through life staring at me, that’s not the kind of engagement I want”

“Make it clear that you have something useful to say”

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