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EBD041 My Dog Gets Distracted! Here’s What To Do

How do we solve the mystery of the oft-heard lament: ‘my dog gets distracted’?

Welcome to the Enlightened by Dogs podcast. In this episode, Kathy discusses the issue of distraction. My dog gets distracted, unfocused, and failing to listen is a common theme of struggles has helped solve over the years.

It is frustrating and difficult when we encounter this behavioral concern, but it is a common problem and you are not alone.

Kathy compares the difficulty level to we humans trying to stay focused. Typically we expect our dogs to pick up the slack for us. When this does not occur we can become annoyed, worried or frustrated. But, there is a simple piece that we often forget.

When you say ‘my dog gets distracted’ and I don’t know what to do … The answer doesn’t have to be overly complicated and it has to do with the human-dog connection.

Listen to find out:

  • How can you keep your dog focused in all circumstances?
  • What causes our dogs to be distracted or unfocused?
  • What happens when our dogs don’t have an understanding of what we’re trying to teach them?
  • What specific part of our relationship with our dog can change this unwanted behavior?
  • Kathy’s solution to distraction!!


“We are looping thoughts inside our head and in the meantime, our dog is out there on their own.”

“We think our dogs are choosing not to listen, but the reality is that our dogs are lost and lonely because we are not present with them.”

“It’s not really your dog’s fault.”

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