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EBD043 Misunderstood Dogs Begging for Love

Misunderstood dogs are ‘screaming’ for attention … and for love

Welcome to the Enlightened by Dogs Podcast hosted by Kathy Kawalec. This is a podcast about dogs that focuses on the human-dog connection and working together through partnership.

In this episode Kathy discusses how misunderstood dogs act out with unwanted behaviors. Helping them requires us to be open to truly listening with the intent to learn.

If you’ve had the thought that your dog is stubborn, won’t listen, doesn’t care about what you’re asking them to do . . . today’s episode will help solve those problematic thoughts for anyone who wants to get to the root of the issues with misunderstood dogs.

Listen to discover:

  • How we’re misunderstanding our dog’s communicative behavior
  • How we often jump to the wrong conclusion when our dogs are not behaving in the way we request
  • How we’re failing to dialogue and what that means
  • Kathy discusses some stories regarding today’s topic
  • Why a deep resounding connection with dogs can immediately change behavior
  • How this issue is not a failure in training.


“Our dogs are driven by the same core drivers that humans have, in the context of social intelligence.”

“Clarity is kindness.”

“We look back at our training and we can’t always put our finger on what the “training issue” is.”

“When we can’t train away the problem we often conclude that our dog has their own agenda.”

“We are both (dogs and humans) driven by similar needs relative to our status as socially intelligent, thinking, feeling, sentient beings.”

“Dogs thrive when they are a contributing and valued and loved member of a well functioning family group.”

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