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EBD045 Reactive Dog Case Study – A Journey

Reactive Dog Case Study: A Journey of Courage and Heart

Let me say this: Kelley is one of the most courageous and determined women I have the honor to know.

Even when her dreams of an active, adventurous life were completely crushed because of her dog’s extreme and reactive behavior …

… and even when she had zero support from her friends and family to help Merle, and felt so alone and isolated and heart broken …

… and even when she ‘tried everything’ from one end of the spectrum to the other …

… she never gave up.

Something in her heart told her that her destiny was intertwined with Merle’s and that giving up on him was like giving up on herself.

In this reactive dog case study, Kelley is going to share some of the details of her journey with Merle, including some of the baby steps and the mindset shifts that had to happen.

Listen to discover:

  • Exposure method was not working
  • How a privacy fence was helpful
  • Using the clarity chart
  • Kelly and Kathy’s key points and actions
  • Kelly’s shifts in
    • Skillset
    • Mindset
    • Emotional
    • Intention


“I wasn’t going to give up on this dog. I was just going to love him.”

“Looking for moments and opportunities to be with him and give enrichment.”

“I finally came to the realization that he just wanted to be with me.”

“When we teach ourselves to measure progress and look back and see how far we’ve come is when the magic starts to happen.”

“He’s one of the best-trained dogs. It was me who needed help.”

“Look and Dismiss: You think it’s for their own good. You know you’re going to keep them safe, but they only understand that you’re trying to take them to deal with scary stuff.”

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