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EBD046 Partnership and the Social Intelligence of Dogs

The impact of the social intelligence of dogs on our lifestyle

Welcome to the Enlightened by Dogs podcast hosted by Kathy Kawalec. This host is very passionate and has a heart of gold. During this weekly podcast about dogs and dog enthusiasts, you will hear great tips and strategies on how to carry out a brilliant partnership with your dog.

In this episode, Kathy plays a clip from the Partnership Workshop she taught. Kathy discusses social intelligence of dogs (and that it’s something we share with our dogs), the partnership lifestyle  — what it means and why it’s so important to our relationship with our dogs.

Listen to discover:

  • Social intelligence
  • How this helps us connect better
  • Comparison to childrearing
  • Learning by Example
  • Being a conscious role model
  • Being a loving leader
  • Learning together
  • No blaming
  • Setting boundaries
  • Meeting Our Dogs Needs
  • Being responsible – both humans and dogs


“We know our dogs are mirroring our actions or responding and reacting to our emotions.”

“We have the responsibility to learn how to be calm and respectful; conscious and present; attentive and responsive to our dogs and to the circumstances we put ourselves in.”

“It’s the humans that most need the baby steps.”

“In the dog world, we tend to focus most on the training piece and not enough on the lifestyle piece.”

“We have to have a trusting foundation on how to live well together.”

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