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EBD051 Are We Causing Our Dogs Stress, Anxiety and Reactivity through Enrichment?

Our dogs are naturally great at having fun, but are we creating stress with our attempts at enrichment and entertainment?

Are we forcing our dogs into our crazy, overwhelmed, stressed out lifestyle instead of letting them do what they do best?

Dogs are in our lives for a very important reason: They’re here to help us enjoy life and share precious moments with us. They’re great at having fun, relaxing, and adventuring, and they love to do that with us!

But what if our rat race lifestyle is keeping our dogs away from the activities they enjoy? Are we really doing them a favor by being so frantic and busy?

Are our attempts to keep THEM busy, to cram highly arousing activities into each day because we feel guilty, to provide a never-ending flow of ‘enrichment’ and a constant stream of entertainment doing either of us any favors?

And by keeping them so busy, are we actually preventing them from doing what they do best?

Listen to discover:

  • Can meditation really change your brain?
  • How does a human’s attitude and lifestyle impact their dog?
  • How we can ensure our dog isn’t carrying a bucket of stress and cortisol
  • The things that dogs do best that enrich OUR lives


“Are we pulling our dogs into our crazy, stresses out, overwhelmed life instead of allowing them to help us relax and enjoy life more?”

“We use our dogs themselves as the yardstick for what is no or low arousing to them”

“Are we literally preventing that synergistic, symbiotic lifestyle from happening with our misguided attempts to keep our dogs as busy as us?”

“Jump off that rat race treadmill for a little while every single day with your dog.”

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