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EBD053 Relationships Fail Without Meeting These 3 Social Needs of Dogs

When these 3 social needs of dogs are met, our relationship improves and life gets better for both dogs and their humans.

What does your dog want more than anything else in the world? Even though we’re completely different species, there are some core things we have in common with our dogs, as two species of social intelligence. The social needs of dogs and humans are, in effect, the same!

While we want the same things out of life for the most part, the trick lies in being able to communicate those things to one another. Often, we see our dogs effort to communicate as misbehaving or acting out, when really, they are just trying desperately to be heard. Are you recognizing your dog’s signs? Are you respecting their communication?

There are 3 crucial social needs of dogs that need to be fulfilled, similar to humans…and when they are not, life becomes very difficult.

In this episode of Enlightened By Dogs, Kathy gives us insight into what to look for when trying to listen to your dog, and how to strengthen the bond between you both by being present, connected and open to feedback from your best friend!

In This Episode:

  • Did you know that dogs and humans share a similar social intelligence?
  • How dogs help us belong, and how we help them do the same.
  • Meeting your dogs needs goes deeper than praising them or playing with them.
  • What is your dog supposed to do when their human just isn’t getting it?
  • The value of a feedback loop between you and your dog.


“As socially intelligent animals, both humans and dogs need to be appreciated and loved. We both need to feel like we belong.”

“Behavior is Communication. Respect your dog’s communication as a valuable contribution to the relationship”

“Meeting your dogs needs in this way goes much deeper than praise, treats or play.”

“Did you know that dogs and humans share a similar social intelligence?”

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One Response

  1. Love the different angle Kathy takes. I think we are all so busy concentrating on what we do not want our dogs to do and training our dogs to behave, we forget controlling a dog in that way, does not always work. This is why so many dogs are deemed untrainable. If more people would follow Kathys’ approach, these so called “untrainable” dogs, might turn into great companions, totally focused on their owners. It is a wonderful new way of looking a building a lasting mutual relationship with your dog!!

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