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EBD059 The Magic of Meditation With Dogs!

Can your dogs help you discover the magic of meditation?

Dogs are masters of meditation. It sounds crazy, but it’s 100% true! Our dogs live in a constant state of presence, and rarely (if ever) allow mind drama to cloud their judgement. If we can learn anything from our furry friends, it’s to slow down and take in the moment.

In this episode of Enlightened By Dogs, Kathy takes us along for a walk with her dogs and shows us exactly how they help her connect with the present moment and live by the magic of meditation!

Are you truly connecting with your dogs as deeply as you could be in the moment? Click play and find out exactly what that looks like!

In This Episode:

  • A few reasons why you may want to start meditating on a regular basis.
  • The benefits of not being caught up in mind drama.
  • Debunking meditation myths.
  • Kathy takes us for a walk with her and her dogs!
  • How your dog can help you reach a meditative state.
  • Kathy’s meditation challenge for you.


“By observing your own mind and your own thoughts, your perspective shifts”

“We don’t have to be a slave to our own mind”

“Meditation is simply an act of being present in the moment”

“I’m seeing what my dogs are curious about. I’m noticing what they’re noticing. I’m present, in the moment, with them.”

“Every time I make a connection with my dogs, it’s a meditation.”

“All those moments of being present, noticing my thoughts add up to clearing my mental clutter”

“Dogs live in a state of presence”

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