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EBD063 Becoming A Brilliant Partner for Your Dog

Amazing exercises to help you become even more awesome as a brilliant partner!

Are you ready to become a Brilliant Partner to your dog? To expand into the best possible human you could possibly be?

In this episode, Kathy leads you through a series of very specific exercises to help you blossom into the best possible version of yourself for the benefit of you, everyone around you, and of course: your dogs!

The breed of your dog doesn’t matter. How old your dog is doesn’t matter. How reactive your dog is doesn’t matter! If you stick with this and follow the protocol Kathy teaches, you will have an amazing relationship with your furry friend!

If you allow it to, and if you take inspired action, this episode will change your life!

In This Episode:

  • Why would you want to be a Brilliant Partner in the first place?
  • It all starts with you, and your ability to take inspired action!
  • Who are your dog role models? Why do you admire them?
  • Why it’s important to reaffirm your values, and the values of your dog!


“Your success is inevitable if you stick with it”

“When we are more and more brilliant, our dogs automatically match us”

“Discover the qualities that you most value, discover the qualities that your dog most values in you and expand them in your life”

“What might a dog admire in a human that they would love to engage with?”

“I want to be this way with my dog”

“The qualities that you value, you already have”

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