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EBD070 Perspective Shifts Necessary for a Partnership Lifestyle

Living a brilliant partnership lifestyle means perspective shifts are necessary

Being a Brilliant Partner to your dog takes a shift in perspective. In fact, it takes multiple shifts in your mindset to become the best partner you could possibly be!
But what are these perspective shifts? How do you identify them? What can you do to begin reframing your dog’s needs, wants and behaviors?
In this week’s episode of Enlightened By Dogs, Kathy is sharing the 10 perspective shifts you’ll want to experience in order to truly show up for your dog!
Often times, how we think of something creates our feelings and reality, so by changing the way we think about things, and adjusting our mindset, we can create huge impact in our lives!
You don’t even NEED to do them all to begin seeing results! Even just taking one of these perspective shifts, and using it on a daily basis will show massive improvements in how you think, and how your life changes as a result of that!

In This Episode:

  • Recognizing the Brilliant Partnership Ambassadors!
  • The cornerstones of a loving partnership.
  • 10 mindset shifts that will massively impact your relationship with your dog!
  • Why wait for someday, when you can start enjoying life with your dog today!


“Those deep seeded beliefs that we may not even be aware of influence our thinking”

“If we can think about things differently and if we can shift our perspective, we are opening doors to brilliance”

“Move into coexistence with your dog with the intention of inviting partnership”

“How can we rewrite our old story into a beautiful new love story with our dogs?”

“We can have happiness, freedom and joy right now. Today.”

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