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EBD071 Responsible Role Modeling for a Brilliant Partnership Lifestyle

What is responsible role modeling and what does that look like?

Why does it matter? How does it positively impact your relationship with your dogs?

These are questions you may not feel the need to ask, but as they say: we don’t know what we don’t know!

In this episode, Kathy is giving you one of the most powerful tools to put in your toolbox to ensure that you’re loved and respected enough to be listened to by your furry friends!

A lot of what our dogs do mimics our behavior perfectly, but without knowing we’re guilty of the same behaviors, we often try to fix our dogs without first changing our own behavior! Responsible role modeling is pretty simple, once you know how.

Want to know how to spot which behaviors to change? Want to know how your dogs look up to you for guidance, and how implement the responsible role modeling Kathy’s talking about? Tune in to this week’s episode of Enlightened By Dogs and put your best foot forward so that your dogs can do the same!

In This Episode:

  • How do you keep a pack of Border Collies happy when they can’t go outside because of landscaping and construction?
  • What does responsible role-modeling look like?
  • Why did Kathy stop looking at the sky?
  • There is huge power and harmony to be found in meeting our dogs’ social needs.
  • Tips to help you practice responsible role-modeling effectively!


“I’m role modeling, and what I mean by that is I am demonstrating through my thoughts, feelings and actions that there’s nothing of our concern.”

“I’m just carrying on with my normal stuff as I always do so that my dogs follow my lead.”

“My dogs look to me for guidance because they trust me.”

“Role modeling in a challenging circumstance: It has nothing to do with us, it’s none of our concern, it’s just life as usual”

“Life is one big experiment”

“Dogs naturally mirror our behavior”

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