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EBD073 Giving Our Dogs Freedom to Say No

When we give freedom to say no, the more likely dogs are to say yes when it’s really important

Do you give your dog the freedom to say no to you? In a world where having a well trained, obedient dog is touted like a medal of honor, it may seem weird to entertain the idea of giving our dog the option to say no to us.

In this week’s episode of Enlightened By Dogs, Kathy will be sharing why we might want to start, and the massive impact it can have on our relationship with our dogs! Would you give your dog the option to say no to trivial things if it means getting your way with more important things? If the answer is yes, then click play and tune in as Kathy breaks down the idea of relinquishing your need to have it your way, in order to create a strong partnership with your dog.

What do partners do? They respect each other! Which means that when you need something from your dog, they’re far more likely to do it for a partner that they love and respect, instead of someone who just bullies them and pushes them around!

Listen in as Kathy shares detailed examples from her day to day life, in order to demonstrate the concept in action! This episode will change the way you approach every situation with your dog!

In This Episode:

  • You can have an attentive, responsive and responsible dog without putting them through obedience training.
  • What impact does the freedom lifestyle have on our dog’s willingness to say yes?
  • Before the how and the what, you need to ask yourself why. Why do you want this?
  • Connect, Observe, Decide.
  • Body language is key in effectively practicing congruent communication with your dog!
  • More examples of giving your dogs the freedom to choose!


“The more opportunities I give my dogs to say no, the more likely they are to say yes when it’s really important”

“My badge of honor is that my dogs choose to be attentive and responsive and responsible … NOT that my dogs are obedient.”

“Why do I want this thing that I’m asking, or do I?”

“I’m going to be in alignment with my communication”

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