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EBD078 How to Calm Down After Over-Arousal

The step by step process to calm down when you and your dog are overwhelmed or over-aroused.

Do you or your dog ever get over aroused or excited and kind of lose your mind? I bet you do! Everyone experiences over-arousal to some degree, and in today’s episode of Enlightened By Dogs, Kathy breaks down how to calm down after being overwhelmed or over aroused!

Regardless of who gets over aroused first, you or your dog, the protocol that Kathy shares will help you get back to being safe, calm and happy together in no time!

You may not be aware that your dog looks to you for loving leadership, and follows your cues when situations come up, so if your dog is freaking out, it may be because secretly, you are too!

Mastering your own reactions in times of distress can make a significant impact on how long it takes for you and your dog to come back down to earth after being overwhelmed, but that’s easier said than done.

With Kathy’s Get Back to Grazing protocol, she gives you the tools to be a great leader to your dog by living and modeling the exact response you’d love to see!

Not sure how to get the job done? Click play and learn an amazing new way to calm down your four legged friends!

In This Episode:

  • Being prepared for what to do in the aftermath of over arousal is key!
  • What is a gratitude reset and how does it work to aid in recovering ourselves from over arousal.
  • Our dogs pick up on our internal and external drama!
  • What is the “Get Back to Grazing” Protocol?
  • The step by step process taking you from overwhelmed, to the calm and safe feeling of getting “back to grazing”


“Follow this step by step process to calm down when you and your dog are overwhelmed or over-aroused.”

“There’s much value in being prepared with a plan to recover when we have a meltdown to deal with.”

“We as humans have a tendency to over dramatize things”

“The gratitude reset can really help us break our habit of thought looping that keeps us feeling stressed.”

“Our dogs are so attuned to us.”

“Generate feelings of contentment and love within your heart.”

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