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EBD079 Stop Your Struggle for Partnership

You don’t need to struggle, strive or even reach for an amazing and deep heart to heart connection with your dog!

What if it were easy to stop the struggle and to stay in the flow of love and connection with your dogs no matter what was going on around you or in your life?

While we strive to be intentional in creating heart to heart connections with our dogs, sometimes it just doesn’t seem that simple.

But what if putting an end to that feeling of struggle is easier than you think? What if the answer is extremely simple, and right under your (and your dog’s) very nose?

That may very well be the case, and Kathy is here in this week’s episode of Enlightened By Dogs to share a super simple concept with you, that if you’re open minded and willing to stop the struggle, it could change your life and the lives of the people you love and hold dear! Sound good to you? Click play and learn more!

In This Episode:

  • What acts are you doing that separate you from the things you want most in life?
  • Why accepting things as they currently are, living in the moment, being present and aware of how you feel is a lot more important than you may think!
  • An example using a reactive dog, and an exercise in feeling deeply connected with your dog.
  •  You don’t need to struggle for, strive for or reach for a true heart to heart connection.
  • What does abundant connection feel like?


“We sometimes create tension and resistance around the very thing we are working to change, causing even more struggle.”

“Feel that gratitude, that delight, and deep heartfelt resonance with how great things actually are, right now.”

“That feeling comes from inside of you.”

“The feeling is generated inside ourselves all the time.”

“A light intention is all you need.”

“They don’t need to do or be anything different than they already are”

“This thinking changes everything: ‘This life is an amazing experience and I am so grateful that we get to share it together!’.”

“I’m always in love with my dog”

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