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EBD080 Recovering from Meltdowns Using Gratitude

Gratitude can be a cure for meltdowns! Listen in as 7 Brilliant partners transform situations using gratitude!

How would you like to hear some real life “in the wild” examples of using gratitude to bounce back after meltdowns and difficult situations? That’s what today’s episode of Enlightened by Dogs is all about!

7 different Brilliant Partners join forces with Kathy to bring you living examples of using gratitude to get back to grazing! Difficult situations happen, they’re pretty much inevitable, but we can sometimes drag them on longer than they need to be. The same can actually be said of our dogs! The more we know, and the more aware we are, the better chances we have of turning a difficult circumstance or meltdowns into an opportunity to celebrate small wins!

Tune in to this episode to hear amazing and inspiring stories to help you bolster your brilliant partnership with your dog!

In This Episode:

  • How Autumn foliage helped one dog lover, and her furry companions calm down and enjoy their day after a walking dog startled them!
  • Jet lag and a lack of sleep led to an unpleasant walk, but a deep breath and a few small steps toward a better state of mind saved the day!
  • 2 off leash dogs threaten to derail a forest fun day! After her dog was bitten twice, a very forgiving Brilliant Partner chose the high road.
  • A busy parking lot and speeding cars could have been stressful, but a role model lead the way and made everything better!
  • A little bit of laughter saves a remote controlled model car from meeting its demise!
  • The beauty of one BP’s dog, and her ability to shut off her mind to her surroundings helped she and her dog get back to grazing!
  • Lightheartedness and a happy conversation take the place of one BP who would normally beat herself up. The result was instantaneous!


“Instead of feeling angry at them, I sent them love and forgiveness”

“If I’d held onto the negative she would tend to be stuck in the negative too”

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