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EBD082 Unconditional Love for Your Dog

What lies at the intersection of unconditional love, being fully present and filling your heart with gratitude in real life?

It’s a bit of a heavy question, and it may be tough to imagine what the answer is, but that’s exactly what Kathy is talking about on today’s episode of Enlightened By Dogs! It seems as though it’s a wonderful place to be, and getting there is a little more simple than you may think! Are you Intrigued? Please read a little more!

It’s often said that having a relationship with a child can be similar to having a relationship with a dog, and the evidence is piling up in this episode! After reading studies related to children in sport, and the relationship they grow with their parents, Kathy stumbled upon a set of magic words that had resounding impact on the happiness of college athletes. Now, being her, she couldn’t leave it at that and decided to apply it to her life with her furry friends!

Tune in to the episode and hear about how she did it, and what her results have been! Hint: there’s a connection to the unconditional love that our dogs need to thrive.

In This Episode:

  • Was I the dog equivalent of one of those nightmare parents you read about in articles online?
  • The one sentence that changed everything for the person who said it.
  •  What dog does Kathy always get when she participates in online quizzes?
  • What Kathy found when unconditional love, being present and having sincere gratitude all came together in her life with dogs.


“I love to watch you play”

“Sometimes, I said more than was needed”

“They freely offer their willingness to be with me”

“There’s no pressure here”

Reference articles:

Six Words You Should Say

What Makes a Nightmare Sports Parent?

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