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EBD083 5 Simple Strategies for a Happier Life with Your Dog

A happier life is not as complicated as it might seem, and our dogs make it so much easier!

In today’s episode of Enlightened By Dogs, Kathy shares 5 simple strategies to ensure you live a happier life with your dog starting today!

This time of year is great for reflection and making big plans for the future, and what plan could possibly be better than planning to be happy with your furry friend? While it’s not complicated, being happy is a habit best formed with a friend, and our dogs can be a great reminder of just how simple happiness can truly be!

So click play and find out how to live a happier life, in the simplest way possible, and close our your year in pure joy!

In This Episode:

  • December is a great time of year for reflection and planning ahead. It’s also a great time to learn 5 simple strategies to live a happier life with your dog!
  • We all have 2 things in common: We wants dogs in our loves for brilliant reasons, and things don’t always go as planned for us.
  • What are you currently giving your attention to?
  • Are you open to new information? Are you coachable? Are you a good student?
  • Being a positive and loving leader and role model is an important part of the puzzle!
  • Are you able to tap into true gratitude?


“You have a dog because you love the companionship, and the opportunities for fun.”

“Pay attention to your intention”

“What you focus on or primarily give your attention to is what you create more of in your life”

“In order to be an inspired teacher, one must first learn the art of being a good student”

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