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EBD085 Your Dreams Are Your Roadmap

Did you know that you can learn to be the intentional creator that brings your dreams to life?

You can choose to bring things into your life, you can choose to get rid of things, you can even choose the thoughts you think!

But how do you navigate such an important role? How do you ensure that you’re creating the right things for you and the life you so desire?

That’s what Kathy’s talking about on this week’s episode of Enlightened By Dogs! She’s going into massive detail about how your dreams actually create a perfect roadmap to the life of your dreams! A map is only one part of the journey, because you’ll also need to chart your course if you plan to get there, and luckily: Kathy explains how to break down our dreams into quarterly, monthly, weekly and even daily goals to give us a true look inside what goes into living an amazingly fulfilling life!

In This Episode:

  • What’s truly important to you?
  • The big picture approach to our goals and dreams.
  • What are you choosing to do (or not)?
  • Breaking down the BIG picture into manageable, bite sized pieces.
  • Where does coaching, mentorship or external support come into the mix?
  • Becoming the intentional creator of your life.


“Our hearts lead us to the discovery of what really matters to us.”

“We intentional creators have a very holistic perspective of living a dream life.”

“We’re the decision maker, the intentional creator, the chief visionary officer of our life.”

“I’ll look to those at or above the level of the game I’m reaching for…”

“You can let go of thoughts that no longer serve you.”

“I hope you start dreaming!”

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